Jewellery Care


Keep your PURE ELEMENTS jewellery bright and shining with these simple guidelines -


• avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, sprays, lotions and detergents.

• avoid wearing while showering or swimming.

• wipe your jewellery with a clean and soft damp cloth to remove build up of body oils.

• protect your jewellery by storing it separately.


Cultured Freshwater Pearls


PURE ELEMENTS embraces the beauty and symbolism of Pearls.


Pearls represent love, feminine energy, purity, integrity, loyalty and wisdom.


Pearls are the oldest gemstone known to mankind. Pearls are truly unique as they are the only organic gemstone created by living organisms underwater. All other gemstones are mined deep under the earth.


The PURE ELEMENTS Collection features high quality Cultured Freshwater Pearls, hand picked for their radiance, lustre and unique shapes.


The pearl cultivating process takes time, patience and nurturing within a calm and protected eco-system to create beautiful, luscious pearls. Cultured Freshwater Pearls are the most accessible and affordable of the pearl family. A single shell produces numerous pearls, each with its individual character and nuance. Every pearl is uniquely shaped by nature, and no two pearls are the same.


In ancient times, pearls were so rare and highly valued that only the most wealthy and powerful men wore pearls. Throughout the ages, they became a status symbol of prestige, highly sought after by royalty.


Today, thanks to the advanced methods of cultivating Freshwater Pearls, they are available in spectacular shapes, sizes, hues, and lustre, and can be enjoyed by us all.


Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver is the precious metal choice of the PURE ELEMENTS collection. It is highly versatile for crafting fine jewellery with a contemporary classic look. Silver is also the most affordable of the precious metals, making it accessible to us all.


Our Silver Jewellery is either finished with nickel free Rhodium Plating, a highly durable white gold plating, or with a thick coating of 14ct Fine Gold. These processes helps maintain its lasting brightness and shine.